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8 Le Ngo Cat Street, D3, HCMC

Bringing Lunar New Year home with the "Zero Dong Spring Market" at BM WINDOWS Factory.

As the Tet atmosphere draws near, closing the bustling chapters of a dedicated year of work, the BM WINDOWS Production Team gathers to listen to heartfelt stories and share meaningful moments in the year-end meeting at the factory space.

Journeying together through both work and the ups and downs of everyday life, every member of the BM WINDOWS factory, from engineers to fellow workers, is tightly connected like one big family. In that place, we share the challenges of nightly overtime shifts on the construction site, collectively enjoy the joy of our work achievements, and, most importantly, mutually invest trust in a future that promises an even better and happier life for all of us!

The 'Zero-Dong Spring Market,' a meaningful program, adds a small but delightful touch to the lives of our factory colleagues. Everyone is free to choose their Tet gifts for their families. These small gifts convey emotions, care, and gratitude, along with wishes and thanks from BM WINDOWS.
Wishing all our colleagues and their families a new year filled with peace, happiness, and success!