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The Opera - The Metropole Thủ Thiêm: a challenge to every detail


Like a musical note dancing by the river, The Opera blends the beautiful architecture of the engineering system, materials, and modern façade technology of BM Windows.

The intricate architecture and complex structure of The Opera - The Metropole Thu Thiem present a challenging yet captivating project for the BM WINDOWS team. The design features untypical facades and stepping transitions, creating a dynamic curvy language that follows the building's exterior.

The project consists of four types of unitized panels, including specially designed ones that contain up to eight glass panels. With a total of 108 new aluminum molds and over 30 construction items, almost facade panels on every floor are different. Some panels even have abrupt transitions in both vertical and horizontal directions. Modularizing the components is BM WINDOWS' solution, combining various elements to create a unified and aesthetically pleasing structure. This distinctive approach is a standout feature developed specifically for this project by BM WINDOWS.

“At the request of the Investor, the facade project is toward its goal of simple design, making the most of the natural beauty of the shape, and simultaneously creating a smooth and translational movement. Therefore, the BM Windows team has calculated that the structure of the façade system must withstand a lot of impact force without sophisticated and redundant decorations. The Opera has interwoven architecture – the intersection of items with many special and heterogeneous profiles. From the initial design, the Technical Division had many meetings to evaluate and find solutions with the aim of ensuring the project's architecture. A "unique" design plan combining the Unitized - Strip window system was developed on this idea.” shared by Mr. Satoshi Takemoto - Technical Director

The project poses significant technical challenges, requiring meticulous planning for production and strict control during construction. The result is a BM WINDOWS masterpiece in the heart of the Thu Thiem Peninsula, showcasing the company's expertise and craftsmanship.