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8 Le Ngo Cat Street, Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh City


68A Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City



Newtecons Tower 96 Phan Dang Luu St., Ward 5, Phu Nhuan Dist.


67A Truong Dinh Street, Hai Ba Trung Dist.

Façades are designed to blend beauty with functionality, inspired by a passion for innovative developments.

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Our mission is to turn the ideas of architects into reality by applying our engineering capabilities, advanced technologies, and eco-sustainable solutions.

BM Windows consistently innovates and finds the best solutions for challenges in architecture, materials, techniques, schedules, and cost optimization for each project. Continuously updating with the most advanced facade technologies worldwide is how BM Windows rejuvenates itself through every project.


We have the best solution for any challenges. But we’re not content to stop there.

Participate in the project from the earliest stages

BM Windows will deliver a comprehensive overview from the overall picture to the details, ensuring feasibility and selecting the most suitable solutions for the budget and timeline of each project.

Each project is proposed a specialized solution

The architecture of each project is inherently unique, requiring tailored approaches to facade solutions that align with design requirements, location, and social context. Built upon modern technology, every facade solution reflects a depth of thinking spanning from research and design development to manufacturing techniques and execution.

Team of experienced experts and engineers

The close coordination among facade engineers, structural engineers, architects, and international experts at BM Windows will assist us in selecting the best technical specifications and aesthetic quality for the project.

Apply BIM technology

To address complex facade design issues thoroughly, BM Windows prioritizes the use of BIM to establish and analyze 3D design models, optimizing design, manufacturing processes, reducing risks in actual construction, and serving project operation. BIM helps BM Windows control the entire lifecycle of a project.

R&D in new technology

Projects featuring unique facade architecture worldwide pose both challenges and opportunities for the BM Windows team to innovate and embrace new strides in global facade technology.


Leading in trends and technology

At the forefront of innovation and material technology, BM Windows assists clients in selecting facade materials suitable for functionality and the longevity of the project. With an experienced team specializing in material research and development, BM Windows is well-versed in the latest trends, updates in technology, and material enhancements to successfully tackle iconic projects.

Efficiency and sustainability

Alongside materials, technological advancements play a crucial role in the sustainability and efficiency of aluminum and glass facades. A successful facade project at BM Windows not only reflects an iconic image but also enhance the building's performance, ensuring energy efficiency, providing a healthy living space for occupants, and being environmentally friendly.

Unitized curtain wall

Window wall

Performance Louver

Unitized curtain wall

Glass Roof and skylight

Window & door


We are always striving to improve and find the best solutions to both technical and architectural challenges constantly engaged in advanced façade technologies.

Actualizing designs with mockup models (VMU)

The Visual Mockup (VMU) accurately replicates the distinctive features of the project's facade through detailed construction and visual material representations, at a true-to-scale ratio. Regarded as the standard for evaluating the final design, VMU assists investors and architects in making early design adjustments and minimizing potential changes that may arise during the actual construction process.

Performance testing (PMU)

In addition to VMU (Virtual Mock-Up), BM Windows also conducts a Performance Mockup (PMU) model to test the air permeability, sound insulation, water resistance, and structural integrity of the façade before proceeding with full-scale production.


A well-designed façade is the one that connects all points on the magic triangle of cost, quality and time.

Projects featuring unique architectural façade designs present both challenges and opportunities for the BM Windows team to unleash their creativity and strive for advancements in aluminum and glass façade technology.



Installation Technology

Commitment to the schedule

The installation phase plays a pivotal role in delivering the completed facade to the client. To ensure adherence to the schedule, safety, and the highest quality, BM WINDOWS begins planning right from the outset. Early involvement of experienced construction managers helps in forecasting and strategizing plans from design, material supply, production, transportation, to construction, aligning with the committed timeline from the client.

Installation techniques and quality management

The facade installation methods are always tested and adjusted to suit the conditions of each project. BM Windows has specific guiding procedures to manage and control all facade construction processes.

Safe construction

Safety is the core focus in all activities of BM Windows. Each project at BM Windows is supervised by safety experts to ensure a safe working environment for all workers and engineers on-site. All projects undergo monthly safety checks to assess worker health and environmental impact.

Warranty & maintenance

With a professional service team, BM Windows ensures complete post-installation and maintenance tasks for all completed projects. Their expertise, along with collaboration with insurance companies and legal entities, helps carry out the most complex maintenance and repair work, minimizing project operation disruptions to the fullest extent.

Function of aluminum glass façade

Building façades is one of the largest and most significant elements in the overall aesthetic and technical performance of a building.

load-bearing assurance

displacement control



Noise control

Energy usage control

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