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8 Le Ngo Cat Street, Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh City


68A Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City



Newtecons Tower 96 Phan Dang Luu St., Ward 5, Phu Nhuan Dist.


67A Truong Dinh Street, Hai Ba Trung Dist.

TTI Factory

Project Overview

BM Windows participates in the "Design & Build" process for the facade system of the project, applying Building Information Modeling (B.I.M) technology throughout the entire implementation process, from consultation, design, and production to construction. This brings forth the beauty of one of the leading modern factories in Vietnam that meets LEED GOLD energy and environmental standards

investor TTI

location Ho Chi Minh City

year 2023

area 32,000m² aluminium glass


Following successes in the commercial, office, and luxury residential sectors, BM Windows proudly announces its collaboration with Techtronic Industries (TTI), a global leader in cordless tools. BM Windows has been selected as the façade contractor for the Techtronic Tools Company Limited-Item Factory. This is a cornerstone project located in District 9 High-Tech Park, Ho Chi Minh City. The TTI factory has earned the highest international LEED GOLD certification for sustainable development, signifying a major strategic milestone in TTI’s global expansion.

The TTI factory spans two workshops, covering a total façade area of 32,000 m2. BM Windows was integral from design through production to installation, dramatically transforming the factory’s appearance. The design is simple yet sophisticated, creating a façade that is not only visually striking but also reflects TTI’s strong global brand identity.

BM Windows is involved in this project from the design, production, to construction phases, contributing to a completely new and unique appearance for the factory. With simplicity, refinement, and impressiveness, BM Windows has broken away from the monotony in the design of the factory's facade, bringing artistic and globally recognized brand elements of TTI to the building's exterior.

Distinctive Design Features of the Façade

Vibrant red color of the TTI façade

The TTI façade encapsulates the brand’s dynamism. This façade system merges bold design with iconic branding, showcased through meticulously crafted red and gray panels, complemented by dark-toned glass and louvers. This blend achieves a cohesive and striking aesthetic.

Our Solution

TTI and its international divisions (USA and Hong Kong) emphasize precise color fidelity to convey the design's intent and the brand's vibrant ethos. BM Windows has effectively showcased the façade's material and design details through VMU, providing a clear representation of the project's aesthetic, functionality, and technical details. Despite the diversity of materials, BM Windows ensures absolute consistency in color across all components.

Visual and Physical Mock-Ups (VMU and PMU)


BM Windows presented the façade's materials and design details through the VMU, offering investors a detailed view of the project’s aesthetic, performance, and technical specifications. The VMU session concluded successfully, receiving positive feedback from the investor, Mace consultancy, and the main contractor. The accuracy of technical details and colors, aligning with TTI's brand identity, was particularly praised by TTI Vietnam and its international affiliates.


The TTI Factory conducted PMU tests at the Institute of Building Science and Technology (IBST), involving glass façades and louvers. The process, in collaboration with TTI Group and Mace consultancy, tested the samples for air and water tightness, wind pressure durability, and structural load. The glass façades surpassed all test requirements and exceeded IBST’s standards. The louver tests focused on water penetration and pressure loss, with the louvers achieving Class B for water penetration and Class 2 for pressure loss, fulfilling all investor and consultant specifications.

LEED GOLD Standard Project

The entire façade of the factory has been harmoniously designed by BM Windows using a variety of components such as glass façades, aluminum panels, metal panels, louvers, glass roofs, and pivoting windows, all accentuated by the brand's logo. All materials used in the façade have been meticulously selected to provide the most effective solutions, complying with the LEED GOLD standards of the U.S. Green Building Council.

The project is spearheaded by Techtronic Tools Company Limited, a global leader in cordless tools. MACE, an international consultancy firm, collaborates with BM Windows in the “design & build” of the façade, alongside several other esteemed contractors.


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