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8 Le Ngo Cat Street, Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh City


68A Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City



Newtecons Tower 96 Phan Dang Luu St., Ward 5, Phu Nhuan Dist.


67A Truong Dinh Street, Hai Ba Trung Dist.

Long Thanh International Airport

Project Overview

As one of the 16 most anticipated airports in the world, Long Thanh International Airport carries the expectation of elevating Vietnam's position on the international stage. As a façade contractor, BM Windows takes pride in contributing to the creation of new architectural symbols for the country through aluminum and glass façades!

investor ACV

location Dong Nai

year 2024

area 376.000m²

Project Scale

Long Thanh International Airport embodies Vietnam's “national flower” as its central motif. Designed by Heerim Architects and Planners Co., Ltd. (South Korea), the lotus flower shape seamlessly integrates across the airport's design, from the overall layout to vertical elevations and the light-permeable roofing system in the centralized check-in area. Architecturally, the airport is viewed as a project of specialized complexity, symbolizing national identity and blending cultural essence with advanced technology. Achieving a project of global stature demands substantial technical prowess and extensive practical experience. This landmark construction has united esteemed local and international contractors, jointly aiming to position the airport among the foremost in Asia and the world.

It is an honor for BM Windows to accompany the Vietur Consortium as the aluminum and glass façade contractor for Long Thanh International Airport, undertaking the mission of creating the exquisite façade craftsmanship for this iconic national architectural project. BM Windows has carefully curated its most exceptional values for this pinnacle project. At Long Thanh International Airport, BM Windows will be responsible for the extensive façade work in Phase 1, including over 28,000m² of Unitized system, 6,500m² of semi-Unitized system, and more than 9,200m of sun shading aluminum louvers.

The passenger terminal at Long Thanh International Airport spans 376,000m², with a ground level, three higher stories, and a roof peak height of 49.25m. Designed for 40 Code C, E, F, G aircraft parking spaces. When it opens in Phase 1, Long Thanh International Airport will serve 25 million people and handle 1.2 million tons of Vietnamese cargo. Upon completion, the airport is planned to handle 100 million people per year, making it Vietnam's largest and regional transportation center that will boost the country's economy.

The challenge presented and solution

An expansive aluminum and glass façade covers up to 50,000 m2

At Long Thanh International Airport, BM Windows is tasked with executing a large-scale façade for phase 1, including over 28,000 m2 of unitized systems, 6,500 m2 of semi-unitized systems, and more than 9,200m of aluminum sunshade louvers. Beyond its impressive scope, BM Windows ensures superior façade quality with outstanding thermal transmission coefficients, solar heat gain coefficients, and energy-efficient condensation prevention.

Airport-specific technical criteria

The airport's design must accommodate thousands of users simultaneously, leading to stringent technical specifications for the air and water tightness of the façade and skylight roofing. Furthermore, BM Windows is responsible for various specialized systems, such as smoke evacuation doors, fresh air intake doors, and emergency exits (FAP-FIRE ACCESS PANEL), featuring large dimensions, exceeding standard sizes, and supporting weights up to 300 kg per door.

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This monumental project has attracted reputable and high-caliber contractors from both the domestic and international scenes, all united in establishing the project as a leading airport in Asia and worldwide.

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